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19. january 2018 at 9:50 | hanča. |  Diary
It's been almost five years since I uploaded the last article. But it definitely hasn't been five years since I checked this blog. I have been coming here throughout the years, seeking any new comment, wondering if there is still someone out there who thinks of me. I was checking the blogs of my souls here to see what they do in their personal life.

And within these years, I have always thought about writing a new article. But I just didn't feel it. It wouldn't be from my heart. As you might guess, many, so many things have changed in my life. It turned upside down and then back again and then left to right and to the moon and back, I have had the privilage to meet so many great people, to travel to so many magical places and to experience many moments in my life I know I will remember for life.

But most importantly, I have had the chance to find love. If you knew me before or if you didn't, it doesn't really matter, because everyone seeks love. Everyone is wandering out there, trying not to feel so alone. And I was one of those people, wishing I would have found the love of my life, but the odds were always against me because I hadn't been able to experience love before.

And then he came. It wasn't something that I changed. It wasn't the fact that I matured in any way. I truly believe the secret is hidden in the one person who actually changed the perspective of my love life. It happened three years ago and we have been together ever since. Madly in love.

I have lost weight. I actually managed to achieve this last year and I have never been more proud of myself, because I did it the right way for the first time. I actully enjoyed the ride and I am so grateful that I had him to encourage me through the whole process and never leave my side.

So here I am, finally writing this article because now I feel that it is worthy. That I have something to tell the world and it indeed means something. And I am happy.

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have you ever been in love?

i'm not sure


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